An intelligent construction industry tool for stakeholder communication and storing, sharing and processing of information.

Centralized management of building projects

Building project management in a single service for the entire life span of the project.

From documentation to a learning environment

Semantic search helps in understanding larger complexes.

Communication tool makes informing easier

New dimensions for stakeholder communication and customer service.

Change management saves time and money

Systematic management of changes during project planning and implementing as well as anticipation of changes occurring after.

Avainia is designed to be used in the following fields

Mediasignal Avainia is a portal that solves challenges related to a building project’s entire life span in a convenient, intelligent (AI) and modern way.

A module-based system solution.

Avainia contains over ten complete applications of which various subassemblies may be formed to respond to the client’s needs.
Quick implementation of customer-specific application entity
Management of access rights
Customizable integration into data systems