Save costs and improve construction quality management with Avainia

Avainia is an application that allows you to keep all parties constantly informed about construction projects in real time.

Avainia gives you a safe digital environment where you can plan and keep track of your project stakeholder network, assign tasks, get notified of changes and steps, share information, and keep your contractors on schedule and on budget.

Avainia is developed with quick and easy documentation in mind. When all parties can monitor and know what is happening on site in every work phase, the quality of work is ensured.

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning utilized by Avainia, you improve and speed up information retrieval in your project. With semantic search functionality, you can quickly find even old documents and information.

Plan your project

Plan and create your project in Avainia. You can name contractors, customers and key stakeholders to join the project.

Collect and share information

Each contractor gets a project-specific work schedule for their application.
You can also share documents, images, regulations, and other construction-time information in the app.

Monitor project quality

Monitor work quality with photos and map locations. Contractor confirms the work steps ready and can add images and documents during the project. You can easily track the progress of a contractor’s work through the app.

Improve your project

Use Avainia to monitor the subcontractor network, overall progress of the project and to keep your schedule in check. Images in the app serve as quality documentation during construction. You can also easily share the project folder with your end customer.

Avainia is suitable for quality management in many different industries

We have productized four software packages for various construction needs: Avainia Building, Avainia Marine, Avainia Infra and Municipal Sector.

Solution for Construction
Solution for Shipbuilding
Solution for Infrastructure
Solution for Municipalities

Mobile application for contractors

Communications made easy with Avainia mobile app.
Dedicated mobile application for contractors where work schedules are based.
Contractor can easily ensure the quality of work using the mobile app.
In case of claims, you can easily check what the situation has been from the construction site images in the app.
Contractor can add images of work progress and also demonstrate more hidden areas of the construction project.
Contractor can modify documents in the mobile application and add daily progress.
Mobile notifications are sent to the project manager, making communication during the project easy and effortless.

An intelligent construction industry tool for stakeholder communication and storing, sharing and processing of information.

Centralized management of building projects

Building project management in a single service for the entire life span of the project.

From documentation to a learning environment

Semantic search helps in understanding larger complexes.

Communication tool makes informing easier

New dimensions for stakeholder communication and customer service.

Change management saves time and money

Systematic management of changes during project planning and implementing as well as anticipation of changes occurring after.

Avainia is designed to be used in the following fields

Mediasignal Avainia is a portal that solves challenges related to a building project’s entire life span in a convenient, intelligent (AI) and modern way.

Why Avainia?

Avainia makes stakeholder network management and quality control easy.
Saves time and money, ensuring your profit.
Monitor work quality with project images – huge time save when possible mistakes are noticed at production.
All data stored in one centralized portal.
Customizable integration into data systems.
All information is being shared on time and helps strongly in change management.
Helps project manager's workload - monitor the work of your partners and suppliers in real time.
Improves customer satisfaction. Your customer can monitor completed work steps and rest assured that the job is being done.
Cost effective and easy to use software as a service (SaaS).
Avainia uses machine learning (AI), helping you easily find all the important history data with intelligent search.
All the data and images are stored. When you start planning a new project, you can easily prevent any previous mistakes and save money in project costs.

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Finnish software product.

We wanted to create a product that enables our clients to coordinate business operations, improve communication and increase interactivity. Mediasignal Avainia software product is designed and implemented in Finland. The development of the system comes under the area of the EU development fund.

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