Digital Work Environment for Construction and Housing

Mediasignal Avainia is a portal designed for construction industry that solves challenges related to a building project’s entire life span in a convenient, intelligent (AI) and modern way.
Avainia for Constructors or Renovation Industry Professionals
Create an open conversation environment between stakeholders and residents
Provide better customer service and communication
Save time with digitized solutions
Switch from Excel to genuinely electronic services
Collect a document bank of building construction and repair stages that is available for everyone (scheduling, construction reports, announcements)
Schedule a subcontractor’s work site and monitor the progress
Digitize construction or repair stage services to shareholders
Offer an electronic tool for shareholders to plan and order construction materials banking connection and payment features
Make additional sales in an integrated e-commerce
Avainia for Infrastructure Construction Professionals
Targeted communication for stakeholders
Connect work in progress photographs and location data to a database
Utilize semantic search in a solution-oriented manner
Improve operation quality and work safety
Transfer work site forms into the digital age (Digitize site journals and machine logs to a user-friendly system and solve MVR-measurements efficiently)
Introduce construction site information to the contractor
Manage deviations and accidents
Avainia for Condominiums, Residents and Stakeholders
Create an open forum between condominium residents, shareholders and stakeholders
Provide better communication
Digitize condominium records, announcements and other important documents so that they are available for everyone
Electrify services with forms (ordering of a house manager’s certificate, renovation notifications, parking slot reservations, door opening service, notice of defects)
Utilize information and images made during construction

Finnish software product.

We wanted to create a product that enables our clients to coordinate business operations, improve communication and increase interactivity. Mediasignal Avainia software product is designed and implemented in Finland. The development of the system comes under the area of the EU development fund.

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